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What is a chatbot?
Whatever industry is using a chatbot, it will be equally useful for business. Today, chatbots are most common in industries such as:
☑ Corporate chat bots (HR bot)
☑ Chatbots in the service and beauty industry
☑ Chatbots for tour operators
☑ Chatbots for commodity business
☑ Chatbot for real estate (real estate agencies)
☑ Bots for booking tickets or seats
☑ Information chatbots
And this is just a short list of areas in which the use of chat bots is already widespread.
Chatbots can perform various functions, but the key task, in any case, is to speed up and simplify user interaction to obtain the necessary information or perform any action. By creating a chat bot for your company and your business now, you will gain a competitive advantage for a long time to come.
Chatbots are a multifunctional innovative technology that offers businesses many different solutions to optimize, automate processes, create sales funnels, and improve the quality of marketing activities. A chatbot is no longer a solution, the use of which is relevant only in any narrow industries or niches. Today, this solution is applicable for any business, for completely different solutions.
Transfer of information, informing, management of leads, projects and other data within the company.
Automated mailing systems, audience engagement, lead magnets, and sales funnel building.
Automation and personalization of work with a client, consulting, ordering and receiving payments.
Operational Processes
What can the Chatbot do?
Chatbot increases the efficiency of business processes
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